About Us

VASP Advisors (UrbanFarmer & Group Entities) is the most integrated player in the hydroponics space globally. Captively, the group has manufacturing and capability in hydroponics equipment, automation, artificial intelligence & robotics, biotech & agronomy, specialized lighting (Hydroponics, Speed Breeding & Biotech), Polyhouse & Greenhouse Engineering and distribution of fresh produce.

State of the art Equipment
Expert Agronomy

Specifically in the hydroponics space, UrbanFarmer has a track record of over 75 Acres cumulatively of protected cultivation and actively manages 12 acres of farms for clients across India

State of the art products from basic equipment, automation and hydroponics & specialized lighting



Our Clients


What we do in a nutshell

We are principal manufacturers of hydroponics and Agritech equipment. Our projects division helps our clients in setting up and managing their farms. We provide agronomy and biotech consulting to farms and seed companies