Food grade Dutch Buckets with Siphon

Food grade Dutch Buckets with Siphon

Dutch Bucket or Bato Bucket systems, as the name sounds, use the buckets as the core of this growing method. The system can have just one bucket or scale to any size growers want.

Dutch Bucket is a variation of the Ebb and flow (or Flood and Drain) method. It differs in the way it looks, but still, operates on the same principle - the nutrient is forced onto the bucket (that replaces the tray) then automatically drain back to the reservoir (or it can drain out of the system without returning to the reservoir) at regular intervals.

It can be used as a Hydroponic system, and also works great for aquaponics as well

Material and Technical Specifications Premium, Virgin & Food Grade Plastic, UVTreated, US and EU greenhouse norms compliant

Size: 30cm X 25cm X 22cm. Volume 11 Litres