Arowana, iUrbanfarmer and ValensArbor have been instrumental in assisting FarmingV2 in becoming the fastest growing hydroponic brand in the country. With a full-stack ecosystem of equipment and growing assistance, the team has been helpful in making sure that nothing but the best produce is grown. FarmingV2 has been using the grow-lights, NFT channels, Nutrients and the Automation system for 3 years across various indoor and outdoor farms and it is safe to say that nothing comes close in the entire industry! We would like to specifically mention the grow-lights since they have worked out to be the most efficient batons in the ecosystem with minimal energy draw.

Founder : Rohit Nagdewani

Absolute Trailblazers when it comes to urban indoor farm setups. With our first pilot project our major concern was the maximum utilization of the limited space available to us and with UrbanFarmer ingenious solutions and their teams immaculate construction turned our pilot project into a thumping success. Abhishek Ballal- Co Founder The Green Room Co.

UrbanFarmer/Arowana has been an absolute blessing for Stemwater Farms. Vijay, Durgesh, Alpesh and their entire team have been our go-to solution for anything technical, and today they are nothing short of family for us. This is a true testament to their hands on approach, work ethic and dedication to their clients. Abhin Agarwal Co-Founder Stemwater Farms

We only work with Arowana Automation for our Greenhouse Control Panels which are AI driven and have all the state of the art automation Above that, the work ethics that the Arowana team has is remarkable…they have never let us down